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 Gran Turismo 5 Review!

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The living Dead

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PostSubject: Gran Turismo 5 Review!   Mon Feb 21, 2011 11:12 am

My review of Gran Turismo 5
When you start this game the first thing that hits you is the graphics. They are amazing, As i started i brought a car and went in to A Spec and did the first races They were easy so i went to licences and finished them all very fast. This game gets very hard as you get furtherer and battle better cars.
Anyway to the details!

replay Value: 7/10 gets abit annoying after 1 play!
Overall Value 10/10 This game is truly AMAZING!
This game is soo fun and with all the A Spec, B Spec, Licences, Online, And special Events it makes a VERY good game!
If you have a spare £35/$51 Go and buy it now!!!
with over 1000 cars this game is very addicting.
The graphics can compare to real life they are so AMAZING i was gob smacked!
Overall, This is the best Racing game i have played! with the 1031 cars and the 60 tracks!
Go and
buy this gam
e now!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Gran Turismo 5 Review!   Tue Feb 22, 2011 4:53 pm

Nice Review! study
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Gran Turismo 5 Review!
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