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 MW3 Review ZombieDudee

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PostSubject: MW3 Review ZombieDudee   Tue Jan 03, 2012 10:50 pm

MW3 Review
In the MW3 Campain i think that it was a very good campain although it didn't answer many questions i had such as; What happened to ghost? although it was very cinematic with the cut scenes all through and the ending was flawless and very fufiling and draws up the game perfectly.
The muiltiplayer is very buggy and very simalar to the mw2's with all of the cheap **** taken out and with the constant title updates and playlist updates it is becomeing less and less as it goes, after getting this on relase day it gets very boring after 2-3 months although it is fun to play altogether.
Spec Ops:
The suvival is fun but gets VERY boring as it has only 50 levals and once there done theres nothing to do.
The missions are pretty much the same as MW2 but they are fun when you are bored of multiplayer.

Call of Duty Elite:
the contravertial cod elite has been a good thing in my opinion; It is very usefull for clans and getting better at the game and the free DLC is just a extra ! not forgetting the problems it had at launch...

All in all:
MW3 Is a good game but its not greay so i would give it a 6.5/10 so if your a FPS fan id say go and buy it!. Very Happy
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MW3 Review ZombieDudee
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